Interface / Chest

In your house, there’s a chest. You can store your arrows, potions and bikinis in it, and no one will steal its contents. To toggle between items and armor, use these buttons. You can drag and drop items from the chest into the inventory or directly into the potion/arrow slots. Read more…


There are a few resources in the world that you can harvest To harvest rocks or branches, use your sword. Eloimaya must also be nearby. Flowers and mushrooms are used to create potions. They can also be eaten directly. Stone fragments and branches are used to make arrows, for example.


In the valley of the predators, you are followed by 3 companions. But it is possible to have offspring who will fight in your place. For the moment, there are 2 ways to have offspring. Phago-crystals Phago-crystals contain the soul of the digested enemy. To obtain phago-crystals, you need to Read more…


Subject to change. Here’s a list of stats for swallowing actions. For the player, the calculation used for the stats is:Stat = Level * Factor For others:Stat = (Level * Factor) + (0.1 * GameLevel)And the level of the stat is incremented with each action, by the value of the Read more…

Player as Prey

An enemy swallowed you up? You have several options for escaping. You can also consume potions, or break them in the predator’s stomach to apply the potion’s effect. Drinking a healing potion (key 1) will restore your life, but breaking a healing potion (key shift-1) will restore life to the Read more…


On the top left, health, stamina, mana, hungry, fatigue, buffs and debuffs. At the bottom, the quick slots for potions and arrows. At top right, the mini-map. Press [M] to display it full-screen, or shift-[M] to hide it. You can also hide the game interface by pressing [F10].

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