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Here’s a list of stats for swallowing actions.

For the player, the calculation used for the stats is:
Stat = Level * Factor

For others:
Stat = (Level * Factor) + (0.1 * GameLevel)

And the level of the stat is incremented with each action, by the value of the increment stat.

Stats can be deactivated in the options:

To change a stat, open the console ( Tab key ) and then click on the character you wish to modify.
Then enter the command SetState xxxx 10

And to view your stats, on the desk, in your home. (Also works for companions / offspring)


Acid resistance, incremented every time a prey is digested.
To change the current level:
setstat DigestionPowerLevel 1
To change the factor:
setstat DigestionPowerFactor 0.1
To change the increment value:
setstat DigestionResistanceIncrement 0.33


Acid power, is incremented every time a predator digests prey. It is also incremented when the MC or a companion escapes from a predator.
setstat DigestionPowerLevel 1
setstat DigestionPowerFactor 0.1
setstat DigestionPowerIncrement 0.33


Damage done by a prey to its predator. It is incremented each time the prey kills the predator, or when the prey escapes from the predator.
setstat DigestionDamagesLevel 1
setstat DigestionDamagesFactor 0.1
setstat DigestionDamagesIncrement 0.33


Chance of successfully swallowing prey. This is incremented when you successfully swallow a prey. But only if the prey is not a sheep, …
setstat SwallowChanceLevel 1
setstat SwallowChanceFactor 0.1
setstat SwallowChanceIncrement 0.33


Prey resistance is incremented each time the prey resists its predator.
setstat SwallowResistanceLevel 1
setstat SwallowResistanceFactor 0.1
setstat SwallowResistanceIncrement 0.33


Maximum size of prey. The size is incremented at the end of the prey’s digestion. The incremented value is proportional to the size of the prey and the current value (SwallowMaxSize).
setstat SwallowMaxSizeLevel 1
setstat SwallowMaxSizeFactor 0.1
setstat SwallowMaxSizeIncrement 0.33


Maximum stomach size. The value is incremented each time digestion is started. The incremented value is proportional between the maximum belly size and the current size.
setstat MaxBellySizeLevel 1
setstat MaxBellySizeFactor 0.1
setstat MaxBellySizeIncrement 0.33

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