In the valley of the predators, you are followed by 3 companions. But it is possible to have offspring who will fight in your place.

For the moment, there are 2 ways to have offspring.

  • Using a phago-crystal.
  • Have a sexual intercourse with an offspring, or with an enemy. (Sexual animations)


Phago-crystals contain the soul of the digested enemy. To obtain phago-crystals, you need to digest an enemy. All enemies will produce at least one phago-crystal.

After digesting an enemy, use the [C] key to push out the crystal.

Once on the ground, you can pick it up, swallow it or use it to try and create offspring. [U]

  • If you’ve taken possession of one of your companions, or an offspring, it’s also possible to get them to use the crystals.
  • You have a 30% chance of creating an offspring.
  • The MC cannot use crystals from beasts or monsters, only humanoids.


The 2nd option for having offspring is to have a sexual intercourse.
To do this, you need to ask a partner to have a sexual intercourse with you. You can ask anyone you like.

There aren't many animations for this yet; for example, for the MC, only the archer and the goblin have an animation.

If you’ve taken possession of one of your companions, or an offspring, you can also ask for intercourse.

But it’s also possible that one of your companions or offspring suddenly wants to have sex.


Gestation is relatively rapid, but increases the hungry bar.
If the bar reaches 100%, gestation slows down considerably. To bring it back down, you need to swallow something (a rabbit, a chicken, a sheep, a griffin). Companions and offspring will be looking for something to swallow.

Once the gestation period is over, it’s time to give birth to your new offspring. To do this, use [Shift-R].

For companions and offspring, they won’t give birth if you don’t ask them to (unless they’re at home).


You can’t give birth to offspring that are too big. There is a solution: have intercourse to ‘lubricate’ the passage.
There is a small chance that the offspring will attack you.

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