An enemy swallowed you up? You have several options for escaping.

  • Do nothing and let it digest you.
  • Try to kill it by doing damage.
    • Left or right click to apply damage to the predator’s stomach.
    • Doing damage consumes stamina, so it’s possible to use the restoration spell to regain stamina.
  • Try to escape.
    • The R key is used to try to escape from the predator. To do so, certain conditions must be met:
      • You need stamina (the more you have, the better your chances of escape).
      • It’s not possible to escape from prey if you’re too big ( for example, being swallowed while you have a centaur in your belly will make you too big ).
      • The enemy’s resistance is too great for you.
  • Use a spell to escape.
  • Take possession of the enemy and use the opportunity to kill/swallow other enemies.
    • See possession help.
    • When you possess an enemy from its stomach, it’s possible to ask a companion for help. ( not yet working )

You can also consume potions, or break them in the predator’s stomach to apply the potion’s effect.

Drinking a healing potion (key 1) will restore your life, but breaking a healing potion (key shift-1) will restore life to the predator and to you.

If you’re too big to escape, you can break a filled potion ( key Shift-5 ). This will reduce everything in the predator’s stomach to 25%. Be careful, if you drink it, only what’s in your stomach will be reduced, but not you.

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