Keyboard Controls.

W, S, A, DMove, Change freecam
CCrouch / Defecate ( Hold )
1 – 9Quick slots
IInventory, ask Eloimaya to pick up an object
JQuest journal
Y, XSpecial action
RReload, try to regurgitate
MDisplay Map
LeftCtrlKick while on Andrice
PSlow motion
F2Toggle Freecam
Ctrl-F2Freecam follow current target. Use W, S, A, D to change camera direction
F4Reset and go to home
F6Orders your companions to wait for you at the village entrance
F7Orders your companions to return with you
F10Toggle HUD
TABOpen / Close console

Controlling the main character.


By default, the W, S, A, D keys are used to move, the Space key is used to jump. To sprint, hold down the Shift key. ( but you need stamina )

The mouse is used to look around the player, and the mouse wheel is used to zoom and change view (3rd person / 1st person).


Use the T key to equip the bow.
Keys 6 to 9 allow you to change the type of arrow.

  • 6. Damage arrows
  • 7. Poison arrows
  • 8. Sleep arrows
  • 9. Swallow arrows

The R key allows you to reload the bow.

Hold down the right button to aim.
Hold down the left button to draw the bow.
Release the left button to fire.

The bow can be used when riding on Andrice’s back.

Bow while riding Andrice

While riding on Andrice’s back, it is possible to use the bow.
The effect of the devouring arrow changes. It is likely to transfer the target into Andrice’s belly.

  • You can’t mount Andrice if your belly is too big.
  • You’ll be ejected if your belly gets too big.
  • If an enemy swallows Andrice while you’re riding her, there’s a good chance you’ll get swallowed too.
  • You can’t use the bow if you’re riding Andrice in 2nd place.


Use the T key to equip the sword.
Left button to attack.
Right button to block.


You can use the teleportation spell to try and catch prey, but beware, the teleportation spell is unstable. It can teleport another prey item.

  • Y key ( custom 1 ): Teleport spell.


The ball is a trap which, when thrown at an enemy, captures that enemy.

To equip yourself with a ball, you need to:

  • Take it from the inventory (double-click on the ball).
  • Pick one up from the ground.
  • If it’s stored in a hole, use the Y key ( custom1 ) to pick it up.

To throw the ball
Hold down the right button to aim.
Use the right mouse button to launch the ball.

If you throw a ball that already contains prey, it will release the prey.

To store a ball.
You can store an empty ball in your inventory (ask Eloimaya) or in a hole (player or companions) ( key Y (Custom1) allows this ).

A full ball can be:

  • Picked up (if it’s on the ground).
  • Swallowed by the player if it’s on the ground.
  • Swallowed if in the player’s hand ( key X (Custom2) allows this ).
  • Stored in a hole ( player or companions ) ( key Y (Custom1) allows this ).

Balls can fail to capture prey.
Balls can also capture companions and animals (sheep, goats).
A ball stored in a orifice has a high chance of releasing its prey.
Storing an empty ball in an orifice that contains prey has a high chance of capturing the prey (e.g., to extract oversized prey from the uterus).

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