New release

A new release is available, V0.24. The new enemy: spider ( Drider ) is finished. She can change her form, and serves as a mount for companions. I also finished a new intercourse animation between the MC and a succubus.

Spider ( Drider )

. Combat mode Attacks in melee, throws her target to the ground and jumps on it. She can also throw spider webs to immobilize her target.And occasionally, she asks a spider for help. Attributes Health 120 Stamina 120 Mana 100 Armor 50 Resistance to gastric acid factor 1 Power of Read more…

Interface / Chest

In your house, there’s a chest. You can store your arrows, potions and bikinis in it, and no one will steal its contents. To toggle between items and armor, use these buttons. You can drag and drop items from the chest into the inventory or directly into the potion/arrow slots. Read more…


There are a few resources in the world that you can harvest To harvest rocks or branches, use your sword. Eloimaya must also be nearby. Flowers and mushrooms are used to create potions. They can also be eaten directly. Stone fragments and branches are used to make arrows, for example.

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