Vore engine

Supports the following functionality:

Digestion of organic prey.

The prey applies damage to the predator depending on whether they have stamina or not.

Digestion of static objects.

The player can absorb a rock, but cannot digest it.

Digestion of items.

An item has a chance of breaking or emptying. If it is a healing potion, it can either be emptied, then heal the predator, or destroyed and give pieces of glass.

Is divided into several containers ( max 3 )

For example, Andrice has two stomachs and one vagina.

His stomach 1 can't digest (only apply damage), however, his stomach 2 digests everything, even rocks.

A predator can eat a prey that has eaten a prey that has eaten a prey (no limit)

When a prey item is digested, its inventory is transferred to the predator's stomach.

It is not possible to regurgitate a prey / object if it is too big.

It is not possible to regurgitate a dead prey.

It is not possible to regurgitate if you have no stamina

Regurgitating consumes stamina

When a predator takes damage, there is a chance that something in its stomach will break.

A stomach can be used to create items. Depending on its content.

Drinking a potion also applies the effect of the potion to everything in the stomach.

It is possible to have a non-lethal prey in its stomach. But it is not possible to have lethal and non-lethal at the same time. Everything goes into lethal

The size of a prey depends on the size of the items in its inventory.


Balls that are not in a container disappear after a while (if they contain something, it is destroyed)

Empty balls can be stored in the inventory, in the stomach, in the vagina.

Full balls can be stored in the stomach and in the vagina.

A full ball in a container can explode and release its contents.

If an empty ball is placed in a container with prey, it may absorb the prey (and explode later)

Throwing a full ball releases its contents.