- Rollback NatureRenderer 
    * Affects performance, turn off the grass if you have a problem
    * Settings for managing grass and trees no longer have any effect
 - New enemy: warrior ( male and female )
     Axe fighting or hand combat
     To find it, use the console or a phago-crystal
 - New console commands: setscale
 - Bug fixes.

 - Bug fixes.

 - Merging of some textures, to try to decrease the memory usage.
 - Reducing some textures to 1k ( Metallic map, translucency color, height map )
 - Enable texture streaming for enemies
 - New console commands: additem
 - New enemy: archer male
     Bow fighting or hand combat
     Can use 'swallow arrows'
     To find it, use the console or a phago-crystal
 - Other enemies are not yet configured
 - Setting up the Cloud Diagnostics 

 - Rewriting the targeting system Experimental
     Adding a crosshair ( configuration )
     Add the variable 'fCameraOffset' in the configuration file to set the camera offset. default: 0.3
     Pressing Left Alt will display target information
 - Updated Unity to the last LTS version
 - Updated NatureRenderer to the last version
     There are now new settings to adjust the display distances of grass and trees
 - New console commands: explodeball, possess
 - Implementing a faction system It is possible that some monsters do not attack anymore or not the right targets
 - New enemy: archer female
     Bow fighting or hand combat
     Can use 'swallow arrows'
     To find it, use the console or a phago-crystal (She doesn't have a place to live yet)
  - Other enemies are not yet configured
 - The friends eat the corpses again
 - Enemies now spawn when MC possess someone
 - If a companion or an offspring is swallowed, the others will go into combat to kill the predator
 - If the MC possesses Lalita (for example) and Lalita is swallowed, the camera returns on the MC, no longer remains blocked
 - When you possess someone, displays the list of possible actions
 - Displays in the console the dice rolls for the swallow and regurgitate actions (Some of them are missing)
     The display of the commands is not filtered depending on whether you are in combat or not.
 - When the MC is in a belly of a dead predator, the companions can extract it. ( at this time, the animations are missing )
 - Display the enemies on the mini-map (if you are close to them)
 - Bug fixes.

 Known bugs
 - Simplification of some animations, possible that some of them do not work properly.

 - Andrice is now able to adopt a combat posture when she's possessed/controlled.
 - Andrice is now able to use the phago-crystals.
 - When the MC dismounts from Andrice, he was stuck in the animation.
 - The free camera now works when you control something.
 - Normally, an offspring will not eat another offspring waiting at home.
 - The offspring do not follow the MC in the indoor dungeons. But by possessing them, they can enter. (experimental)
 - Same for the companions (except for Andrice). (experimental)
 - Bug fixes.
 Known bugs
 - It is possible to increase the range of the spell 'Possession' (and to stop its consumption of mana) in the file 'custom.ini'. But, the enemies will not spawn if you go very far from the MC.
 - The hunger bar does not appear when you possess an enemy.
 - When changing form with Lalita, the message 'You possess Lalita' should not appear.

 - Fixed a problem in the calculation of the chance to get pregnant.
 - Idle animations may block companions.
 - Offspring can use a griffin crystal, but it's too big, it will never come out. I am looking for an original solution. 

 - Adding new animations.
 - When an offspring is pregnant, she will give birth by herself if she is at home. If not, you have to ask her.
 - Bug fixes.

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