- New enemy: Assassin
    * Can hide itself.
    * Attack by surprise while hidden.
 - Bug fixes.

 - It's now possible to try to tame passive enemies.
    * When you approach them, you can talk to them ( with a dialogue )
    * The success of taming is uncertain.
 - It is now possible to tame spiders ( only if they are in human form )
    * There are 4 animations: she refuses, she accepts, and 2 where she swallows.
 - If the MC/companion dies while in an enemy's uterus, the enemy will try to unbirth it, and then has an 80% chance of swallowing the MC/companion.   
 - Bug fixes.
 - Request for consent to use the Unity Analytics service.
 - It is possible to modify an enemy's chances of reforming the MC, in the CustomVariables.txt file
    * iReformationChanceChild
    * iReformationChance
 - It is possible to prevent the spider from changing form if it has prey in its abdomen. In the CustomVariables.txt file
    * bSpiderFemaleLockFormWhenPreyInBelly2 
 - Prey stay longer in stomach 1, for enemies: Spiders, Lamia, Centaurs
 - Rewriting the handling of gurgling sounds 
Now the burping, gurgling and other sounds are in a folder. You can either modify them or add new ones. You can configure the sounds differently for each enemy. The documentation is on the game's website
- Wild spiders (Drider) will spend most of their time in human form. (It will be easier to tame them) (Not yet implemented.) * Drawing a weapon nearby will cause them to attack you. - Bug fixes. * When you reload a game, the spider will stay at home, if she was there when you saved. V0.24 - Companions, offspring and enemies have a chance to reform the player after digestion. - The console's behavior has changed: to open it, press the TAB key; to close it, press the ESCAPE key. This makes it possible to use autocompletion with the TAB key. - Hold Shift while the MC defecates, to try to remove all items - New enemy: Spider (Drider) - New console commands: bbsf * Change BellyBone size factor. Default is 1 ( 0.1 to 100 ). - New console commands: bat * Executes the commands in the file passed as argument. - Adding new sex animations * MC / Succubus - Bug fixes. * If Andrice is regurgitated at night, she'll use her torch again. * Asking a companion for a ball will no longer cast the teleportation spell. V0.23 - New enemy: Spider (Drider)
She's not finished yet: She can now shoot spider webs and launch a spider thread towards the targeted web to swallow it. - [Y] or [X] to throw a web, [Q] to grab and swallow it.
- Bug fixes. * The MC should not be destroyed anymore. * Enemies with 2 stomachs can again digest their prey. V0.22 - It's now possible to swallow offspring that don't follow you (it didn't work properly before). - Logs can now be activated or deactivated in the game options. This allows you to activate them in case of bugs before forcing a save. - The rabbits are bigger, and they're displayed on the map. It's easier to find them. - New enemy: Spider (Drider)
She's not finished yet: Her behavior as an enemy is not programmed, she will remain static. In human form, she can't fight. In spider form, when fighting, right-clicking can throw the target to the ground. When on the ground, you can use [Q] to devour the target. For the moment, this is the only way to swallow in combat. To test her, there are phago-crystals in the chest ( in the house ), or you can use one of the following commands: placefriendatme "spiderfemale" placefriendatme "spiderfemale nh" Please note: If you use a phago-crystal, there's a 50% chance that she will be born directly in spider form. In this case, only Andrice and Lalita can give birth to her, for Eloimaya and the MC, she's too big. So it's best to use the crystals with Andrice :)
- Bug fixes. * Loading a save while in a 'belly' no longer leaves the MC in an incorrect state (for the game, it was always in a 'belly'). * Lalita will no longer get stuck when she wants to drink milk. * When you sleep, game time advances by 6 hours instead of 0. This allows you to reset dungeons (it didn't work before). * Sheep should no longer fall under the map. * When loading a savegame, enemy stats will be applied correctly. * If a dungeon is unloaded and Andrice was in the stomach of an enemy in the dungeon, she will no longer be blocked. * Fixed a problem that prevented a savegame from loading if the MC had a female goblin in its stomach. V0.21 - When you're close to a village, you can ask the offspring following you to wait for you at the save point. * If you forget them, they will come back. - If a companion gives birth to offspring and is at home, the offspring will also go home. - Improved messages about why the 'save' isn't working. - Improved lighting, a little. - Bug fixes. * Fixed 2 bugs that prevented game from being saved. * During pregnancy, the belly and breasts grow. * When an offspring/enemy drops his weapon, the idle animation should be right. ( hand animation sucks, thanks Unity ) * When loading a savegame, a null value may crash the player script and the game. V0.20 - New spell: teleport * MC, companions, sorceress and succubus can use this spell, when possessed. * Andrice knows how to use it in combat. * This is an unstable spell.: normally, it teleports the target into the caster's belly, but it can also teleport another target into a companion, for example. * Spell range: 1 to 20 meters, Attached to key: Y ( custom 1 ) * The more you use it, the more unstable it becomes. - New spell: escape * Only the MC can use it * When the MC is swallowed, it allows escape. But it's also an unstable spell. * The more you use it, the more unstable it becomes. - Updated dialogues between companions and offspring. - Adding new sex animations * Lalita / Warrior Male * Eloimaya / Archer Male * Andrice / Centaur Male or Female - Random sexual encounters * New console commands: sex Force sexual encounters - New zone: Dunwick * It's a village in the north, with archers and warriors - Bug fixes. * When Eloimaya doesn't follow the MC, items can be created in the workshop using the items in the chest (and the items created will no longer be lost). * When Eloimaya doesn't follow the MC and you try to deposit a potion in the inventory from the chest, nothing happens (instead of subtracting 2 potions). * It is no longer possible to duplicate objects in the workshop. ( Normally ) * After reloading a game, enemies in dungeons should appear when you enter the dungeon area, not whenever (and not under the map). * Enemies killed in combat or digested (in a dungeon/village) will reappear after 1 day. ( Maybe ) * If an enemy inside a dungeon swallows a companion, and then you swallow this enemy, the companion will no longer be destroyed if you regurgitate the enemy outside the dungeon. * When interacting with a dead goat, it will no longer play the death animation. * After reloading a game while it was raining, the rain will now stop. V0.19 - It is now possible to ask offspring to swallow the MC ( lethal ) * There are no animations yet - New console commands: getstat - New console commands: dr ( disableRegurgitate ) * dr 1 Prey can no longer escape. dr 0 Prey can escape. - Bug fixes. * The size of breasts is no longer reset. * Eloimaya should no longer be invisible when she reappears at home. * Centaurs can now swallow the MC. V0.18 - Add new argument for swallow command: container ( possible values: Stomach, Stomach2, Pussy ) - Implementation of the new stats system for characters. * DigestionResistance Acid resistance, incremented every time a prey is digested * DigestionPower Acid power, is incremented every time a predator digests prey. It is also incremented when the MC or a companion escapes from a predator. * DigestionDamages Damage done by a prey to its predator. It is incremented each time the prey kills the predator, or when the prey escapes from the predator. * SwallowChance Chance of successfully swallowing prey. This is incremented when you successfully swallow a prey. But only if the prey is not a sheep, ... * SwallowResistance Prey resistance is incremented each time the prey resists its predator. * SwallowMaxSize Maximum size of prey. The size is incremented at the end of the prey's digestion. The incremented value is proportional to the size of the prey and the current value (SwallowMaxSize). If SwallowMaxSize is 8 and the size of the prey is 1, the incrementation of the value is very low. If SwallowMaxSize is 2 and the size of the prey is 2, the value is at its maximum. * MaxBellySize Maximum stomach size. The value is incremented each time digestion is started. The incremented value is proportional between the maximum belly size and the current size. * EscapePower Power to escape a belly. Is incremented every time you fail to escape, but is decremented when you do. (But it's possible that the value decreases over time.) - Stats can be consulted in the house on the book stand next to the workbench. ( also with offspring ) - The new stats can be deactivated in the game menu, under debug. - The enemy spawn system has been completely revamped, and can now save stats and customisations, as well as managing offspring and enemy levelling. - The cow in the barn is now animated. - Add an animated sex scene between Andrice and Lalita * The result of intercourse may be a horse or a centaur. * Adding male and female centaurs. (They're passive.) * Eloimaya and Lalita can use centaurs as mounts. - Adding chickens and goats ! The configuration and save files are now in the 'Valley of the Predator' folder. ! As the spawn system has changed, it is possible that old saves will no longer be compatible. - Bug fixes. * Lalita shouldn't be breaking up the game any more. V0.17 - New console commands: placein * Teleports prey into the target's stomach. - The free camera is equipped with a torch * When the camera is in free mode, press the right button to switch it on, and use the mouse wheel to dim the light. - Sex (Experimental). It is now possible to have sexual relations. * The MC can ask offspring and companions for sex. * If the MC possesses a companion / offspring, he can ask another companion / offspring to have sex with him. * 25% chance of getting pregnant. ( Can be modified using the fChancePregnantDuringSexOffset parameter in the custom.ini file ) * Sexual intercourse applies the 'lubricated' effect, which temporarily removes the size limit during childbirth. ! The option to ask for sex is not implemented in all dialogues. This is because there is no animation for this yet. * Animations: + Goblin Male / Goblin Female + Archer Male / Archer Female + Warrior Male / Warrior Female + Goblin Male / MC + Archer Male / MC - Bug fixes. V0.16 - New console commands: placefriendatme - New enemy: Lamia * T: Switch to combat mode * Right-Click: to aiming * Left-Click: to throw a snake ( with aiming ) * Left-Click: attack ( without aiming ) * Space: Jump * Space: Jump to target ( when aiming at a target ) * Space: Jump to target and swallow it ( when the target has fainted ) * Shift-Space: Jump 10 metres forward - MC/Companions/Offspring can be asked to remove their clothes. They will be stored in the personal inventory. (except for MC and Eloimaya) * To wear clothes, it must be in the personal inventory or in Eloimaya's backpack. * Press and hold E to display the self-dialogue. - MC and Eloimaya can wear a bikini. It can be crafted in the workbench. - Added the ability to define the minimum fat shape in the custom.ini file. * The max value for shapes has been raised to 500 (except for the ones I forgot, and that can deform characters) V0.15 - Andrice will no longer attack warrior offspring. - Balls now absorb or explode after a certain time and no longer instantly. - The ball no longer gets stuck in the MC's hand when he swallows it. - Bug fixes. V0.14 - Fixed crash on 'Activating Player'. This is caused by a bug with Unity. - The animal offspring (wolf, bear) now follow the MC. * The stag and the doe only follow the MC around the house. - Bug fixes. V0.13 - Bug fixes. V0.12 - Added facial animations for archer and warrior - Added swallow animations for archer and warrior - Adding deer Passive, but can attack if attacked To get close to them, you have to walk (only for human deer). - ??? will occasionally come to say hello - You can ask ??? to come and 'destroy' an offspring. - [F10] Toggle HUB V0.11 - Rollback NatureRenderer * Affects performance, turn off the grass if you have a problem * Settings for managing grass and trees no longer have any effect - New enemy: warrior ( male and female ) Axe fighting or hand combat To find it, use the console or a phago-crystal - New console commands: setscale - Bug fixes. V0.10 - Bug fixes. V0.9 - Merging of some textures, to try to decrease the memory usage. - Reducing some textures to 1k ( Metallic map, translucency color, height map ) - Enable texture streaming for enemies - New console commands: additem - New enemy: archer male Bow fighting or hand combat Can use 'swallow arrows' To find it, use the console or a phago-crystal - Other enemies are not yet configured - Setting up the Cloud Diagnostics V0.8 - Rewriting the targeting system Experimental Adding a crosshair ( configuration ) Add the variable 'fCameraOffset' in the configuration file to set the camera offset. default: 0.3 Pressing Left Alt will display target information - Updated Unity to the last LTS version - Updated NatureRenderer to the last version There are now new settings to adjust the display distances of grass and trees - New console commands: explodeball, possess - Implementing a faction system It is possible that some monsters do not attack anymore or not the right targets - New enemy: archer female Bow fighting or hand combat Can use 'swallow arrows' To find it, use the console or a phago-crystal (She doesn't have a place to live yet) - Other enemies are not yet configured V0.7 - The friends eat the corpses again - Enemies now spawn when MC possess someone - If a companion or an offspring is swallowed, the others will go into combat to kill the predator - If the MC possesses Lalita (for example) and Lalita is swallowed, the camera returns on the MC, no longer remains blocked - When you possess someone, displays the list of possible actions - Displays in the console the dice rolls for the swallow and regurgitate actions (Some of them are missing) The display of the commands is not filtered depending on whether you are in combat or not. - When the MC is in a belly of a dead predator, the companions can extract it. ( at this time, the animations are missing ) - Display the enemies on the mini-map (if you are close to them) - Bug fixes. Known bugs - Simplification of some animations, possible that some of them do not work properly. V0.6 - Andrice is now able to adopt a combat posture when she's possessed/controlled. - Andrice is now able to use the phago-crystals. - When the MC dismounts from Andrice, he was stuck in the animation. - The free camera now works when you control something. - Normally, an offspring will not eat another offspring waiting at home. - The offspring do not follow the MC in the indoor dungeons. But by possessing them, they can enter. (experimental) - Same for the companions (except for Andrice). (experimental) - Bug fixes. Known bugs - It is possible to increase the range of the spell 'Possession' (and to stop its consumption of mana) in the file 'custom.ini'. But, the enemies will not spawn if you go very far from the MC. - The hunger bar does not appear when you possess an enemy. - When changing form with Lalita, the message 'You possess Lalita' should not appear. V0.5 - Fixed a problem in the calculation of the chance to get pregnant. - Idle animations may block companions. - Offspring can use a griffin crystal, but it's too big, it will never come out. I am looking for an original solution. V0.4 - Adding new animations. - When an offspring is pregnant, she will give birth by herself if she is at home. If not, you have to ask her. - Bug fixes.

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